Follie Grams

The Follie Grams are a GREAT way to acknowledge the cast and crew.
Remember every Follie Gram sold is straight cash to the Community Seeds.

Follie Grams can be purchased starting Friday, April 17th at 6:30 and Monday,
April 20, at 6:00 at the front desk in the lobby. The price is $1.00 for each Follie Gram or take advantage of the pre-show special for cast and crew of 12 Follie Grams for $10.00.

You can purchase the following on the ground level of the Municipal Auditorium on Friday or Saturday night before or during each show. Bring your already filled out Follie Gram and add:

• Follie Gram $1.00
• Follie Gram + Seed Packet = $2.00
• Follie Gram + Candy = $2.00
• Follie Gram + Rose = $3.00
• Follie Gram +Rose & Candy = $5.00
• Follie Gram + Bouquet of 12 Roses = $25.00
• Water Bottle or Follies Mug $1.00 each
• Water and seed packets will be sold at the mail level desk

This year, we will be selling a special wrapped Follie Mug with Candy and also for those who purchase a mug will be eligible to win a one year family membership to the Greenville Entertainment Series. There will be a winner each night and only 25 mugs per night will be sold. So your chances are more than excellent to win!!!!

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